EUNIC MENA project

EUNIC MENA is a long-term project initiated by EUNIC, which addresses Democratic Empowerment, Cultural Policy and Creative Economy and includes regional and national projects in the MENA region. During EUNIC MENA Regional Meeting in Beirut in November 2012, the clusters represented agreed to draft a Mission Statement for EUNIC activities in North Africa & Middle East (MENA).
The overall theme of our work in MENA is the creative sector, articulated in the following objectives:

  • Developing new and realistic approaches in cultural policy that reflect evolutions in the region and that are responsive to civil society movements and expectations
  • Supporting capacity building and professionalizing the creative sector and the independent cultural scene
  • Improving and developing mobility and exchange of artists and cultural operators within MENA and between EU and MENA
  • Promoting European culture and values in MENA region through cultural projects

Our approach is needs based with the aim to promote creativity as learning journey and culture as economically viable.
Our target audiences are young people and women, along with civil society actors, private or independent sector and public authorities, on the basis of establishing strategic partnerships, trust and of creating links between all stakeholders.
In a shared common language with our partners and target audiences, we advocate for the values of culture, diversity, dialogue, peace and freedom of expression, speech and assembly, with a main goal to put culture and civil society at the forefront of the democratic transformation.