EUNIC Senegal - DAK'ART 2014

For the first time EUNIC Senegal is taking part in the OFF Biennale and will hold an exhibition of Gil Madeira’s photographs. The twenty photographs that were taken in the Sine Saloum area have captured fleeting moments. The photographs, which are images that would have been erased from memory are transformed into “images-memory” when captured by the camera. The photographs also show the Saloum region landscape, whereby Madeira exposes the gap between the eye and the land, between interior and exterior spaces.  

The Exhibition will take place from the 10th May until the 08th June, 9-6.30 pm on Weekdays and 9-1pm on Saturdays, at Hôtel Sokhamon, Dakar.

Free entry

Contact for more information.

Partners: TAP Portugal, Brico Décor, Hôtel Sokhamon, Ambassade d’Autriche et Instituto Camoes.

EUNIC Senegal is also hosting a performance “Feu à volonté” by Austrian fire artists Ursula Beiler and Gebhard Schatz on the 9th May.