EU Stories, a journey into History

Eu Stories

EU Stories is the project of two French students who aim to map the historical narratives for a better understanding of contemporary Europe. Victor Gherardi and Louis de l’Escalopier will be traveling throughout the capitals of the Old Continent and having a talk with 25 well-known historians about the connection between national identities and the European history.

The first encounter to happen was with Jean Tulard, member of the Academy of Moral and Political Sciences, professor at the Sorbonne University and leading expert of Emperor Napoleon.

During their journey Victor and Louis will collect interviews but also share their daily adventures. Indeed, they claim, we want to put our assumptions and our prejudices as young French citizens to the test with reality in different countries that we will discover or rediscover. This is another stone towards the construction of a European culture.

EU Stories, already partially funded thanks to a crowdfunding call, is officially supported by the European Commission. / facebook / twitter