• Europe: Closed Doors or Open Arms? The Culture Report/EUNIC Yearbook 2014/2015 discusses migration into Europe. In the Culture Report/EUNIC Yearbook 2014/2015, a string of renowned scholars, authors and writers, including Francis Fukuyama, Bassam Tibi, Umberto Eco, Richard Sennett and Zygmunt Bauman look for answers to these questions.

  • La culture dans les relations extérieures de l'UE

    Motivated by the fact that “the European Union has no cultural relations strategy”, the European Commission mandated in 2011 a consortium of eight cultural organisations, institutes, and a consultancy to propose such a strategy. The report makes for fascinating reading and brings together concrete proposals as to how to move forward in the coming months and years”.

  • Culture and Development – Action and Impact brochure

    Culture and Development – Action and Impact is the result of a fruitful collaboration between the European Commission, the British Council, the Federation Wallonia-Brussels and EUNIC. The objective of the brochure is to demonstrate the fundamental role culture plays in the area of Development. It contains a description of 36 projects that have used culture as a means to make a significant contribution to the socio-economic development.

  • EUNIC MENA project

    The overall aim of EUNIC MENA project is to strengthen the creative sector in the MENA region. Our objective is to develop new and realistic approaches in cultural policy, to support capacity building and professionalization of the sector, to improve mobility and exchange of artists and cultural operators, and to promote European culture and values in the MENA region.

  • Poliglotti4.eu Language Observatory

    Poliglotti4.eu Language Observatory

    Poliglotti4.eu is a multilingual online Language Observatory managed by EUNIC. The website is updated regularly with selection of news regarding language policy, language research and most important conferences and events organized in the field of multilingualism and language learning. You can also follow Poliglotti4.eu news on Twitter and Facebook.

  • The Cultural Dialogue China / EUNIC brings together intellectuals, cultural practitioners and cultural policy makers from Europe and China to strengthen cultural cooperation within creative industries and develop people-to-people relations. The tradition of organizing Cultural Dialogue China / EUNIC reaches back to the year 2008, when the very first of the meetings took place in Beijing, China.

  • Culture and conflict

    Culture and conflict: challenges for Europe’s foreign policy

    Although a painting can never stop a bullet, a painting can stop a bullet from being fired. Culture is a central component of conflicts between different groups and ethnicities. So what could be more appropriate than using culture as a tool for conflict resolution?

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Wrocław and San Sebastián/Donostia...

Wrocław (Poland) and San Sebastián/Donostia (Basque Country in Spain) have been designated the European Capitals of Culture 2016 . Both cities will present during this year a...

Looted Goods from the Near East: Attacks on the Cultural Heritage of Humanity
Article by Dr. Iris Gerlach, German Archaeological Institute, Orient Department, Head of the Sanaa Branch

Welcome EUNIC Skopje

EUNIC Skopje is a network of National Institutes for Culture from the member states of the European Union in Skopje, which aims to contribute to cultural diversity inside and...

Welcome EUNIC Salvador de Bahia

EUNIC Salvador de Bahia is a network of National Institutes for Culture from the member states of the European Union in Salvador de Bahia, which aims to contribute to...

Wednesday, March 30, 6:30 - 8 pm

Can/Must Good Art Be Politically Correct?

New York University, 1307 L St. NW, Washington, DC 20005 (Metro: McPherson Square)

Semaine des cinémas étrangers 2016

Semaine des cinémas étrangers 2016 -...

Surfant sur le succès des deux premières éditions, le FICEP – Forum des Instituts Culturels Etrangers à Paris- organise pour la 3e année son festival de cinéma international...


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