Crossroads for Culture


As one of the European networks funded by the Creative Europe Programme over three years (2014/2017), the Crossroads for Culture project aims to strengthen EUNIC’s capacity to become a partner of choice for the European Union in the field of European cultural relations.

The overall purpose of strengthening the EUNIC network, and building capacity of EUNIC members is to enable cultural players from all EU Member states to work transnationally, internationalise culture and creative sectors, and further enhance European influence and attraction inside and outside of Europe. (see Press Release)


1. Culture Policy Dialogue and Research - to strengthen EUNIC’s position as a European Think-Tank and to increase the exchange of know-how through European cultural policy dialogue and networking activities, involving stakeholders from national, European and international levels

2. EUNIC Clusters and Collaboration – to further strengthen EUNIC’s clusters and their collaboration by testing new business models and developing new audiences

3. EUNIC Academy and Fellowship – to support capacity building and professionalising of the cultural and creative sectors by developing skills and knowledge of cultural managers and players

4. Network Support - to strengthen the network and improve sharing and exchange of best practices and information


Work Package 1: Culture Policy Dialogue and Research

1. Research – Impact and Evaluation tools for cultural relations (31/12/15-30/11/16)

2. Digital Culture Policy Space – EUNIC App (31/12/15-30/11/16)

3. Culture Policy Dialogues

3.1. "Governance and New Business Models for cultural relations work in the EU Neighborhood and the Strategic Partners” (09/12/15, Brussels)

3.2. “EUNIC and the New EU Cultural Diplomacy ”  (08/06/16-09/06/16, Copenhagen)

3.3. "The New Role for Culture in External Relations ” (20/04/16, Brussels)


Work Package 2: EUNIC Cluster and Collaboration

4. European Training on European training on new business models and digital cultural relations (10/12/15-11/12/15, Brussels)

5. Regional Inter-Cluster Meetings

5.1. Regional Inter-cluster Training: EU Neighbourhood SOUTH (26-28/10/16, Rabat)

5.2. Regional Inter-cluster Meeting - EU Neighbourhood EAST  (04-06/04/16,Kiev)    

5.3. Inter-Cluster Meeting - Europe    (14-16/11/2016, Brussels)

6. EUNIC Clusters and Collaboration: Pilot Working Groups:

6.1. Pilot Working Groups: Europe    (01/03/16 -30/11/16)

6.2 Pilot Working Group: EU Neighbourhood SOUTH  (01/04/16 -30/11/16)

6.3. Pilot Working Group: EAST& Balkans  (01/04/16-30/11/16)


Work Package 3 EUNIC Academy and Fellowship

7. EUNIC Academies

7.1. EUNIC Academy 1: Strategist (11-13/05/16, Nancy)

7.2. EUNIC Academy 2: Focal Points (16-18/11,2016, Brussels)

8. Fellowships and Online Learning (31/12/15-30/11/16)

9. Task Force EUNIC Fellowship (31/12/15-30/11/16)

10. EUNIC Staff Mobility Scheme (31/12/15-30/11/16)

11. EUNIC Internships (31/12/15-30/11/16)


Work Package 4: Network Support 

12. Network Monitoring and Evaluation (31/12/15-30/11/16)

13. Network Branding and Communications (31/12/15-30/11/16)



28-31 March (Addis Ababa): Sub-Saharan Africa
26-28 April (place TBC): EU Neighbourhood South
15-17 May (Prague): EU/EAST Balkans
October (Brussels): Global Cluster Forum


15.06.2015 | On 28 and 29 May 2015, the EUNIC Task Force Fellowship group gathered in Gothenburg, Sweden, for their second meeting to discuss and make progress on the conceptualisation of a EUNIC European Cultural Diplomacy programme to be launched as part of the EUNIC Crossroads for Culture project in 2017. The programme will be developed using the experience and knowledge of EUNIC and its members in the field of the cultural relations.

28.04.15 | The first EUNIC Staff Mobility scheme (April-October 2015), launched under the Crossroads for Culture (C4C) project, has been well received and brought great interest both from EUNIC Members and Clusters willing to host, and by their staff willing to partake in this exchange of knowledge. In total we have received 67 applications, most from qualified and motivated candidates, for the open mobilities covered by the project.

05.04.15 | We are proud to announce that the first Staff Mobility Scheme, established under the Crossroads for Culture project Working Package 3 "EUNIC Academy and Fellowship", is well underway! The objective of the Staff Mobility scheme is to contribute to the capacity building of the EUNIC network and sectors through staff training, staff mobility and knowledge exchange.

23.03.15 | Under the Crossroads for Culture project, EUNIC clusters representatives from Serbia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Russia, Georgia and Armenia met on the 16th and 17th of March, in Tbilisi, Georgia. The group of 15 people gathered to take an in-depth look at possible synergies and best practices for regional collaboration, in the framework of the Regional Inter-Cluster training on Culture and Development.

13.02.2015 | The Preparatory Action on Culture in the EU External Relations underlines the need and the growing interest of creating new curricula in Cultural Relations and Diplomacy.

The EUNIC Global Office is pleased to announce the success of the EUNIC December Events, which took place last week in Brussels from 10-12 December. The aim of these events was to bring the EUNIC Heads together in the same room, to discuss the potential of the Crossroads for Culture Project. The project officially began 1 December 2014, and is due to run for 3 years. The events comprised a day of workshops related to the 4 work packages of the project, a formal dinner with external invitees, and the EUNIC General Assembly.