International Sound Art Exhibition SKAN II


The EUNIC cluster in Latvia has been following the creation of the international sound art exhibition SKAN II very closely for the first half of 2014. The international sound art exhibition in Riga is the cluster's main project this spring and summer. SKAN II opened its first sound art exhibition on May 30, the second on July 1 and is now preparing for the third and last round to open on July 25. At its center of attention is the landscape of contemporary sound art. 

The innovative sound art exhibition took place for the first time in 2007, and now this year, where Riga is European Capital of Culture, the success will be repeated. The follow up, SKAN II, is a part of the Riga2014 program. The creators behind the so far very succesful festival, are also the organisators of the Skaņu Mežs Festival for Adventurous Music and Related Arts that will take place on October 11 and 12 in Riga. 

SKAN II features both Latvian and international contemporary sound artists, who all works with sound as the driving force in their artworks. The venues for the sound art exhibitions and installations are mainly Riga's Botanical Garden, but a few were to be found at Kalnciems Quarter Gallery and in the Pardaugava area. Most of the sound artworks is located and installed in Riga's Botanical Garden, e.g. in some of the very old woodenhouses - Volfschmidt Manor House, but also in the observatory, wine-cellar and greenhouse. The locations all play an important role in the aesthetic experience of the installations and artworks. At the same time, the hosts of SKAN II hope to attract not only "soundlovers", but also that the exhibitions naturally will attract locals. The installations ability to accent space is the main idea behind incorporating them in the Botanical Garden and in the old "forgotten" areas, e.g. the wooden manor houses. By uniting the historical and cultural spaces with the sound installations the ultimate experience of space and sound is created. Furthermore, the constrast between the often very technological sound artworks against the background of a flourishing wild-growing garden and flowerbeds creates an interesting aestethic balance. 

Exhibition overview: 

1. Exhibition 30/5-20/6: 
Signe Liden (NO) 
David Helbich (DE) 
Pascal Broccolichi (FR) 
Stefan Roigk (DE) 
Ytske Blom & Thomas Rutgers (NL) 
Peter Bogers (NL) 
Aernoudt Jacobs (BE)

2. Exhibition 30/6-20/7:
RIXC-Voldemārs Johansons (LV) 
Anke Eckardt (DE) 
Tommi Gronlund & Petteri Nisunen (FI) 
Heimo Lattner & Judith Laub (AT / DE) 
Carl Michael von Hauswolff & Leif Elggren (SE) 
Evelīna Deičmane (LV) 
Max Eastley (GB)

3. Exhibition 25/7-24/8:
Christian Skjødt (DK) 
Voldemārs Johansons (LV) 
Max Eastley (GB) 
Michael Schumacher (US) 
Edwin van der Heide & Jan-Peter Sonntag (NL)

The exhibitions are open for the public in Riga's Botanical Garden, Kandavas iela 2, Wednesday to Sunday from 13-18:00. 

SKAN II is realized with support from EUNIC - European Union National Institutes of Culture, Riga2014 and in cooperation with SKAŅU MEŽS. 

Read further about the project SKAN II and Skaņu Mežs