Culture and Development brochure

EUNIC strongly advocates for culture to become an integral part of EU development policy, especially for the programme period of 2014 to 2020. EUNIC is convinced that culture contributes to social and human development, fosters social cohesion and economic growth. It also can play a significant role in democratic development and peace and reconciliation process in post-conflict societies. Therefore, representatives of EUNIC regularly meet with members of the European Parliament, European Commission and European External Action Service to stress the importance of culture and ensure its inclusion in EU policy and financing frameworks for development. EUNIC’s members based in Africa, Middle East and South-East Asia are actively involved in activities related to culture and development issue. For instance EUNIC in Morocco organised a debate in September 2011 on Culture and Development in Rabat. The aim of the debate was to analyse and evaluate cultural development instruments to reinforce interaction between cultural activists from European and Arab countries. Another debate on topic of development with the title ‘Three times fifteen?’ was organized by EUNIC in Tunisia in July 2012 in Bizerte. The event focused on the role of the cultural centers in local development.

Publication of Culture and Development - Action and Impact brochure

‘Culture and Development – Action and Impact’ is the result of a fruitful collaboration between the European Commission, the British Council, the Federation Wallonia-Brussels and EUNIC. The objective of the brochure is to demonstrate the fundamental role culture plays in the area of Development. It contains a description of 36 projects that have used culture as a means to make a significant contribution to the socio-economic development. These projects are examples of a wide variety of cultural activities and initiatives in developing countries and have been implemented by various actors – among them members of EUNIC, European Commission, national development agencies and local partners. They illustrate good practice in terms of impact on the development of the communities concerned and the many shapes, forms and dimensions in which culture is embedded in the development process. This new version of the brochure focuses on the Mediterranean region and aligns with EUNIC’s objective to engage in a dialogue with civil society in Middle East and North African region to support a democratic transition. Recently major pro-democracy events have taken place and culture has proven to be a driver for change, for freedom of expression and for democracy. Through supporting the creative sector and cultural diversity in the region, EUNIC also supports a stronger collaboration and professionalism for those actors in civil society who are playing an active part in the change towards democracy. The brochure is available as a print edition and digital version.