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Welcome to Cluster Documents section where you can find all the relevant documents for clusters! Check this section regularly for it will be updated as new documents are available.

Where are our EUNIC clusters?: infographic

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Communication (logos, websites, etc.)
Cluster Fund
New Cluster President/Member



Cluster strategies (development, feedback)
Cluster Pilot Programme
Setting up a cluster
Projects with EU Delegations


EUNIC Cluster Fund March 2017 - Call for proposals launched!

Submission deadline: 28 May 2017. 


Call for proposals 2017 (EN)
Budget template

EUNIC Cluster fund - results published!

Call 2016

Further information: Below you will find the Cluster Fund evaluation report conducted by EUNIC Global. Its recommendations were approved by the General Assembly in June 2016 and will be reflected in the next Cluster Fund call which is expected to be launched end September 2016. The report also contains information on the cluster projects co-financed under the previous Cluster Fund calls.

EUNIC Cluster fund evaluation report 2012-2015

Cluster Guidelines - new guidelines in preparation

EUNIC Global offers advice on setting up and running a cluster (rules, processes, documentation, etc.). It also produces and updates the Cluster Guidelines as needed. Following the General Assembly held in December 2016, a cluster governance reform is being prepared. This will include among other new cluster guidelines and a new process for setting up clusters.  Contact us if you have any further questions! 

Guidelines to set up and run a cluster (en) (fr) - Please note that these will be updated and improved in the first semester of 2017.

Annex II Cluster Charter Template (en) (fr) - Please note that the template is for information only (not to be used). We are currently reviewing it and propose a new version in early 2017.

Annex III Recommended documents to effectively run a EUNIC Cluster (en) (fr)

3-Year Cluster Strategies – Template 

Since the approval of EUNIC Strategic Framework, EUNIC clusters have been developing three-year cluster strategies that will help them contribute to its delivery as well as move from one-year programming of events to a more strategic approach to their work.

EUNIC Global office is supporting them in the process and has developed a template for cluster strategies.

Template for three-year cluster strategy_Word (en)

Cluster Pilot Programme

As part of the implementation of EUNIC Strategic Framework, EUNIC Global has developed a pilot programme to enhance the capacity of EUNIC members to work together by means of clusters. Find out more about this pilot in the documents below.

EUNIC Clusters in Europe Meeting, Brussels, 15-16 November 2016
EUNIC Meeting on Balkans, Belgrade, 3-4 November 2016
EUNIC Meeting on Neighbourhood SOUTH, Rabat, 27-28 October 2016
EUNIC Neighbourhood South Meeting Report, Tunis, 23-24 May 2016
EUNIC Neighbourhood East Meeting Report, Kiev, 4-6 April 2016
EU Working Group Meeting Report, Brussels 7-8 March 2016

Upcoming Strategic Workshops:

28-31 March (Addis Ababa): Sub-Saharan Africa
26-28 April (Cairo, Egypt): EU Neighbourhood South
15-17 May (place TBC): EU/EAST Balkans
October (Brussels): Global Cluster Forum

Informations for Focal Points

It is important for Focal Points to keep up to date with the work of the EUNIC Global office and with the EUNIC Clusters. This will allow us to work together better and to ensure coordinated action. Notes for Focal Points will be published below and will be kept updated.

Working with EUNIC Clusters for Focal Points 19.05.2016 (EN)